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Why Do We Love African Safaris? The Possibilities Are Endless.

There’s something about Africa that touches the soul. History isn’t trapped in bricks and mortar here – it’s everywhere. You feel it in the stories of the people, the pounding tribal rhythms and the blazing Serengeti sunsets. People who come expecting a David Attenborough documentary leave with something else: it may be the hiss of waves on a beach in Zanzibar or the tribal drums of the Maasai, perhaps the silhouettes of boabs in Madagascar or the rustle of a mountain gorilla in the Ugandan rainforest. Each of our trips are designed to get under Africa’s skin, but don’t be surprised if this continent ends up getting under yours. Once experienced, it’s never quite forgotten.

With over two decades of expertise in African travel, our values and vision have remained true to our founding principle: always treat guests like family, deliver more than what’s expected, and continuously look to raise the standard for unforgettable experiences in Africa. Our network stretches across Africa, ranging from the deep jungles of Uganda to the dazzling meccas of Zanzibar, along with our team of experts who bring the local dexterity that is required to navigate this land of multiple realities. This extensive first-hand knowledge acquired living and working locally in Africa is priceless, serving as the foundation upon which we’ve built an experience you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Zero Hassle Bookings

We make it easy. Booking with us is the most convenient way to create a safari that you can be sure will suit you, without the hassle. All you have to do is get in touch and our safari experts take care of the rest making the entire process as seamless as possible.

Top-Rated Travel Experts

We’re on-the-ground experts. We’ve mapped the territory for guided tours, tested the fluffiness of the towels, and scrutinized the buffet, so we know what’s going to be right for you. Our local and experienced guides come highly reviewed and are ready to welcome you to Africa.

Breathtaking Destinations

There’s a whole world of choice. Choose from over 8 different countries, or let us help you combine them. We organize your transport, meals and accommodation and we make sure you take advantage of any special deals that are out there.

Award-Winning Support

We’re never far away. From the support of our U.S. office as you plan, to our dedicated Africa team on the ground as you partake, peace of mind and convenience come standard throughout your entire journey. Booking with confidence has never been easier.

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