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For over two decades, we’ve been raising the bar for people wanting extraordinary experiences, unrivaled service and the sort of insider knowledge that can elevate a great trip to an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. This extensive first-hand knowledge acquired over the years from living and working locally is priceless, serving as the foundation upon which we’ve built an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

The Odyssey Safaris Story

Mark Cahill has a deeply rooted passion for the people and places in Africa. It is a passion that began almost as soon as he stepped off the plane here in 2001 and quickly realized that there is a magic here that easily rivals any place on earth.

At the same time Eliud Karimi, who had worked as a local wildlife guide, concluded most travelers were only seeing Africa’s beautiful scenery and had little knowledge of the history and cultural traditions. 

Mark and Eliud decided to combine their passion with a vision: sharing their passion for Africa’s history and wildlife and to help conserve its endangered environment by educating travelers about it. Soon thereafter, the idea for Odyssey Safaris was born.

Today, Odyssey Safaris is housed in its headquarters in Nanyuki, Kenya, with offices in the United States, employs their own guides, operates and maintains a fleet of customized vehicles, and raises the bar for unforgettable safari experiences in Africa.

Even with this success, Mark and Eliud remain quietly unassuming, their original vision and passion as strong as ever. “Africa is a marvelous place for adventure seekers to interpret,” says Karimi.

“Each day I am out in the field, Africa reveals a little more of herself to me; an experience I share with my guests. These encounters affect people in profoundly positive ways, and we believe that their lives are enriched by their experiences here.”

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