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African Safari Experiences

A Quick Guide To Life While On Safari

 After just one trip you will see why there is no vacation like an African safari. The journey is an exhilarating immersive experience that awakens a sense of adventure in even the most seasoned travelers. It’s a truly breathtaking and exclusive experience where nature enthusiasts can intimately experience the thrill of the wild on a unique trip like no other.  

From exhilarating game drives encountering vibrant wildlife to breathtaking accommodations overlooking the vast savanna, there’s nothing quite like the classic safari experience. While there are a number of things that encompass the entire experience, we’ve created this guide as a quick overview of what makes up life on safari.

A Day On Safari

What does a typical day look like while on safari? This timeline gives you a brief overview of what to expect during your adventures in Africa. While it can fluctuate depending on the type of journey, this is typically what it will look like

gorilla safari
Safari Accommodations

From breathtaking lodges with scenic views of dramatic landscapes to boutique camps in the heart of Africa’s most iconic game reserves, the options are truly endless on where to stay while on safari. Use this quick guide to find what suits you best.

Tanzania Wildlife
Safari Game Drives

Probably the most important aspect of any safari is witnessing the wildlife in their natural habitat. So how is this done? Either on land or even on the water, there are a number of different types of game drives on safari. Familiarize yourself before your trip.

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