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African Safari Honeymoon

 Your wedding day will be one of the most unforgettable days of your life; your African safari honeymoon will elevate those memories to a whole new level. Let us create a bouquet of magical moments for you, from breathtaking landscapes to abundant wildlife, your remarkable honeymoon adventure in Africa is waiting.

Here you can enjoy secluded accommodation options that provide a number of romantic activities. Maybe you want to take a sunrise hot-air balloon flight over the rolling plains or dine by candlelight deep in the African bush. Don’t forget about heading to the jewel-like islands of the Indian Ocean after your safari that are ready to be explored.

At Odyssey, our team members are experts in planning unforgettable African safari honeymoons down to the very last detail. That includes the parts that aren’t fun to deal with on your own, like arranging flights and other logistics, selecting the best accommodations and activities, and designing perfect itineraries to match your travel style.