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South African Safari Tours

Welcome To South Africa

From the classic safari country of Kruger National Park to the stately ‘mother city’ of Cape Town; from the snow-sprinkled heights of the Drakensberg to the parched red dunes of the Kalahari; from the gorgeous Winelands around Stellenbosch to the paradisiacal beaches of the Garden Route—South Africa is a true all-rounder that attracts more than its fair share of repeat visitors.

With so much to do and see, planning a trip to South Africa can be daunting and overwhelming for first-time visitors. For those who are looking for classic South African safari tours, head to Kruger National Park where you immerse yourself in the African bush. If you are wanting more of a combination of culture and wildlife, consider adding in a stop to the bustling city of Cape Town.

Planning a romantic getaway? The Winelands offer seclusion and exclusivity while getting to savor some of the country’s finest wine varietal exports. No matter what you are looking for, South Africa has something to suit every taste and budget. Our team of expert travel designers—many from South Africa themselves—are here to help you create your very own personal itinerary, to show you the best of their home country.

Sample South Africa Safaris

If you want truly unique safaris, South Africa is the place to be. These sample South African safari tours were created by our team and are meant to inspire your next trip. They are ready to be customized to suit your interests, tastes, and budget. As we provide our trips on a private basis, this allows you to experience authentic travel on your own terms and depart whenever you choose.

South Africa Wildlife Explorer

Starting From $6,799 Per Person

Jewels Of South Africa Safari

Starting From $5,999 Per Person

Taste Of South Africa

Starting From $3,699 Per Person

South African Highlights

Starting From $2799 Per Person

When To Go To South Africa

While visiting South Africa can be done year-round, the best time to experience the parks is during the Dry Season (May to September) when various wildlife congregate around rivers and waterholes. With less vegetation, the bush thins out allowing for better wildlife viewing accompanied by little to no rain and an abundance of sunshine. This is one of the best times for South Africa tours and safaris. In the Wet Season (October to April) the landscape is lush with greenery welcoming a number of exotic migratory birds. While there are some rains present, most occur in the afternoon as short showers and won’t interfere with any activities you have planned.

Dry Season

(May to September)

Due to a thinned out bush and less vegetation, wildlife spotting during this season is generally easier along with many animals gathering around various rivers and waterholes. Traveling during this time also welcomes sunny clear skies and little to no rain rounding out the perfect safari experience.

Wet Season

(October to April)

While the wet season welcomes the first rains, the various dramatic landscapes are lush and vibrant with fresh vegetation. This is additionally the best time for bird watching as a majority of the migratory birds are present. Most of the rains are afternoon showers and will rarely interfere with your safari.

Where To Go In South Africa

South Africa is home to a number of great National Parks & Game Reserves including: Kruger National Park, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve, Phinda Game Reserve, and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. On these South Africa national park tours, all the Big Five are present along with other wildlife including giraffe, hippo, and a variety of antelope species. White rhino can also be spotted at many of the parks while its black counterpart is much more elusive. Cape mountain zebras take to the west of the country while leopards lurk in waiting while in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in search of their next meal.

Wildlife In South Africa

It’s no surprise that South Africa is a premier wildlife destination with a majority of the popular safari animals being easily spotted. Kruger National Park offers the chance to see the “Big Five” while scenic parks such as KwaZulu-Natal are best to encounter rhino. Heading to Mountain Zebra National Park gives you the opportunity to see the Cape Mountain zebra which is endemic to South Africa. The elusive and rare black wildebeest is also another endemic to the country and can be found within the Karoo reserves. Smaller wildlife take to the dry habitat in the Kalahari such as meerkat, gemsbok, springbok and bat-eared fox. Overall, South African safari tours offer a great combination of diverse wildlife in iconic destinations that are waiting to be discovered.

Weather In South Africa

South Africa has a temperate climate with plenty of sunny, dry days to be had. During the Dry Season (May to September) there is almost no rainfall, and the humidity remains relatively low. With summer coming to an end, temperatures remain cool around 79°F in the afternoon with colder mornings of 50°F. Keep in mind that a majority of the game drives will be in open vehicles, so it’s recommended to pack warm winter clothing. Towards the end of the Dry Season the heat comes back into play with temperatures reaching 82°F in the afternoon while mornings still remain cool—ideal temperatures for South Africa tours and safaris. Moving into the Wet Season (October to April) temperatures start to get warmer while occasional afternoon storms make their first appearance. These are the wettest months, but still offer comfortable conditions with temperatures during the day and afternoon around 84°F.

Dry Season (May to September)

During the dry season, this is South Africa’s winter where there is little to no rainfall and overall humidity is very low. You can expect cool temperatures during the day at around 79°F in the afternoon, with the mornings dropping to around 50°F. Towards the end of the season, temperatures will continue to rise averaging 82°F in the afternoons.

Wet Season (October to April)

During the wet season is South Africa’s summer, where the afternoon rains make their first appearance. As the season continues into December and beyond, this quickly becomes the wettest period. Average temperatures are around 59°F in the morning and 82°F in the afternoon. Once March hits, the rainfall slowly begins to dissipate along with the humidity.