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Zambia Safari

If you are looking to explore remote, mesmerizing locations that are full of exciting wildlife encounters, this exhilarating country full of adventure is for you. Our Zambia safari tours take you deep into the African bush where animals, both predators, and prey, wander under the night sky, vibrant campfires light up your surroundings and a true-hearted adventure comes into their own.

Zambia is known as one of Africa’s best walking safari destinations and with good reason. Here you’ll be joined by some of the best guides in Africa who have a deep knowledge of the local wildlife and landscapes. Adventuring into the bush on your Zambia safari will provide a number of great encounters with favorites such as elephants, zebras, hippos, and buffalo. Keep an eye out for elusive predators as well like lions and leopards as they search for their next meal.

When it comes to exciting things to do, Zambia doesn’t fall short on its offerings. Not only is it the birthplace of the walking safari, but the guides here are exceptional and the Zambia safari tour experiences are unrivaled. The designs we create are a blend of the very best this fascinating country has to offer and will keep even the most avid adventurer eager to come back for more.


Sample Zambia Safaris

These sample Zambia safari package itineraries were created by our team and are meant to inspire your next trip. They are ready to be customized to suit your interests, tastes and budget. As we provide our trips on a private basis, this allows you to experience authentic travel on your own terms and depart whenever you choose.

Victoria Falls & Lower Zambezi

Starting From $6,799 Per Person

Zambia Walking Safari

Starting From $11,375 Per Person

When To Go To Zambia

A visit to Zambia is best done during the Dry Season (May to October) which is also the best time to experience Victoria Falls, which is at its best from June to September. Wildlife is easily spotted at this time due to the vegetation being less rampant and obscuring while animals often congregate near shrinking water resources. Traveling during the Wet Season (November to April) provides a more challenging safari as most parks and camps shut down because of heavy rain with the exception of South Luangwa where you can drive its all-weather roads year-round.

Dry Season (May to October)

During the dry season, you can expect little rain and almost no humidity. There’s also plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities due to animals congregating around various water sources. Mornings will be colder but afternoon temperatures hover around 77°F.

Wet Season (November to April)

With heavy rainfall making navigating roads challenging, the wet season temperatures bring warmer mornings around 64°F and reaching 84°F in the afternoon. These are the wettest months where you can expect heavy downpours in the afternoon accompanied by high humidity.

Where To Go In Zambia

Zambia is home to a select few National Parks, including South Luangwa National Park, Kafue National Park, and the Lower Zambezi National Park—all of which lend themselves to idyllic Zambia safari tours. With high concentrations of wildlife and diversity of scenic landscapes, it’s easy to see why Zambia ranks high up on the list for being one of the best safari destinations in Africa. These protected wildlife areas cover about 30% of the total national land mass area and are 100% natural. The national parks in Zambia have vast areas of unspoiled plains and virtually “undiscovered” protected wilderness areas making Zambia a superb wildlife destination.

Wildlife In Zambia

When it comes to exciting wildlife encounters, Zambia doesn’t disappoint. Not only is it known for being an excellent safari destination, but many sought after animals can be easily seen. South Luangwa and Kafue are known to be Africa’s best destinations to encounter leopard, large prides of lion and wild dog. Heading into the Lower Zambezi, large herds of elephant and buffalo explore the riverbanks while hippos congregate in huge numbers due to the abundance of water sources. Fourteen different antelope species are also present that can be seen during game drives, along with plenty of zebra, giraffe and warthogs. Night drives welcome bushbabies and hyena along with baboons and vervet monkeys. For those that are in search of birldlife, Zambia is home to over 400 different species that can be identified by the legendary guides that call this wonderful country home.

Weather In Zambia

Located in the tropics, Zambia has two distinct seasons that need to be considered when planning a trip. Traveling in the Dry Season (May to October) there’s barely any rain and humidity is still quite low. In the morning, temperatures are a cool 52°F while heating up to around 77°F in the afternoon. Keep in mind many game drives are done in the morning so it’s important to bring warmer clothing. Towards the end of the Dry Season the heat is slowly building and the first signs of rain make their first appearance. Temperatures can reach a high of 88°F and in the lower-lying parks, temperatures often peak at over 40°C/104°F. Traveling in the Wet Season (November to April) is not recommended due to high rainfall and bad roads. The temperatures during this period are between 64°F in the morning and 84°F in the afternoon.