5 Things To Consider When Planning Your African Safari

Some people travel on a whim while doing very little planning. This method works for some destinations, while others need more prep work. Visiting Africa requires some forethought since there are so many things you’ll need to think about to have an excellent experience. Here are five things to consider when planning your African safari.

Activity Level

There are so many adventures to embark on when you travel to Africa. You’ll need to determine how much energy you want to expend and which activities are most important to you. Do you want to spend more time on the terrain observing wildlife, or would you rather dive deep into different cultures? These decisions will dictate your safari experience, so choose wisely.

Budget Limits

You’re going to have to spend some money to go on an African adventure. Set your budget early on so that you know exactly how much cash you have at your disposal. Saving for an African safari means more than paying for plane tickets and lodging. You’ll need money for supplies, safari-safe clothing, and any excursions you don’t want to miss. Knowing your budget limits will prevent you from overspending.

Location Options

Africa has so many beautiful countries for you to visit and explore. Figure out which locations you want to see on your African safari. Countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa are super accessible, which usually results in more affordable travel fees. Remote destinations offer a more authentic experience but require a little more cash and expert guidance. So pick the location that will fulfill your desires best.

Travel Seasons

Most African destinations have a wet and dry season. Dry seasons are peak travel times since wildlife and landscapes are easy to observe. However, you’ll experience more tourist crowds and higher fees during these prime months. On the other hand, wet seasons generally see fewer travelers and still offer an incredible experience, so keep timing in mind while preparing for your trip.

Tour Services

The last thing to consider when planning your African safari is whether to use a tour service. While some people choose to navigate the terrain independently, it’s easier to enlist professional help to guide you through the area. These experts know the lay of the land and will keep you from making bad choices. You’ll need to decide whether or not your want to travel with a tour guide or figure things out on your own.

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