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Game Controlled Areas (GCA’s) are another type of protected areas provided for in the Wildlife Conservation Act (WCA). But unlike the Game Reserves, land and resource uses in GCA’s other than wildlife are not restricted under the law; residence, cultivation, and livestock keeping are all unrestricted.

Large tracts of Tanzania outside the network of National Parks and Ngorongoro Conservation Area are devoted to wildlife conservation. Two other categories of conservation are allowed under, the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1074. These are Game Reserves and Game Controlled Areas. in Game Controlled Areas, human settlement and the grazing of livestock are unrestricted, but hunting of wildlife is only permitted under licence.

Because GCA’s allow residence and human activity and were created on areas of traditional use and settlement, many GCA’s are entirely overlapping with customarily managed village lands. In GCA’s, tourist hunting administered by the Wildlife Division and resident hunting managed by the districts is the primary form of wildlife use.

Tanzania has 38 Game Controlled Areas (GCA) and part of the game controlled areas include Selous, Rungwa, Moyowosi, Serengeti, Burigi, Malagarasi, Moyowosi, Nikonga, Kigosi, Loliondo and Masailand


Source: Tanzania Tourist Board – Places to go

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