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Straight-To-The-Point Advice For How To Plan, Book, & Embark On Your Trip With Coronavirus Safety In Mind

Note: Always follow the most recent advice and directives of public health professionals whether you’re at home or abroad. For up-to-date information on how the coronavirus outbreak is impacting travel (including bans, restrictions, and flightpath changes), click here.

Coronavirus Doesn’t Have To Keep you Grounded (Forever)

Travel, especially internationally, has been dramatically impacted by the coronavirus outbreak — though likely not in the exact ways you would expect.

It’s true that many countries have already or are working to impose travel bans/restrictions to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Yet, others are becoming increasingly and unexpectedly popular mid-outbreak travel destinations.

Because the strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is easily transmitted between people (both through contact and surface contamination), traveling during the outbreak is ill-advised for most people. Planning travel for after the coronavirus outbreak, however, is another story. That is because booking and tourism numbers are rapidly declining, so airfare, lodging, and tour packages are becoming progressively less expensive as the coronavirus outbreak — and people’s fears about it — get worse.

As a result, now may be the best time in a long time to plan/book a once-in-a-lifetime vacation (like one of our African safaris or tours)!

Why Take Time During The Coronavirus Outbreak To Plan A Vacation?

Because of coronavirus-related travel disruptions, airfare, lodging, and tour prices are lower now than they have been (or will be) in a long time. Consequently, booking a vacation now may present significant cost-savings over waiting until after the coronavirus outbreak subsides. Plus, some of the biggest obstacles to travel planning, normally, are fears over taking time off or not having the energy/opportunities to discuss travel ideas and itineraries with family members. Being compelled to stay at home more during the coronavirus outbreak (whether due to active quarantines or shelter-in-place orders or in service of social distancing) can help you navigate all of these problems more easily.

As an added bonus, travel-planning is an empirically-proven stress management method, with most soon-to-be vacationers experiencing a significant, measurable, and noticeable boost in happiness while during the trip-planning process. That means planning your dream safari vacation can help fight the stress caused by coronavirus fears!

How To Plan Travel During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The most important thing to recognize about travel booking during the coronavirus outbreak is this: though the outbreak is expected to peak within the next eight weeks then decline (as more people recover than become newly infected), things can still change. Consequently, booking far in advance and remaining flexible are key. To that end:

  • Book trips with the safety of other people and your loved ones in mind — going on an outdoor adventure where you can still practice social distancing will have lower risk or coronavirus exposure or cancellation than something in close quarters or in contact with vulnerable or at-risk relatives.

  • Work with a travel agency or trip planner that offers flexible payment plans, like we do (so you do not have to worry about large payments during coronavirus-related time off work).

  • Check that your travel agency or trip planner offers easy rescheduling and flexible options (like we do!).

If You Choose To Travel Now

If you choose to travel during the coronavirus outbreak, essential considerations/actions include:

  1. Reschedule if you are sick.

  2. Try to pick destinations with few confirmed cases of coronavirus

  3. Work with transportation and hotel services that are taking significant steps to reduce travelers’ risk of exposure and have flexible rescheduling, cancellation, and refund policies.

  4. When traveling, wash your hands well and frequently, avoid touching your face with unwashed hands, maintain adequate physical distance from other people as much as possible, and avoid close contact with people who appear to be sick.

  5. Make sure you fully understand the risks of traveling during the coronavirus outbreak and what the public health experts’ current travel recommendations are.

Read more about travel planning and traveling during the coronavirus outbreak here.

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