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As of July 1, 2015, the price of a tourist visa to Uganda has doubled in price, from $50 US to $100. Its neighbor, Kenya, doubled its fees earlier, so it seems Uganda is following suit. Whether or not Uganda will also implement Kenya’s new policy of online applications only, remains to be seen. There are three ways to obtain a tourist visa for Uganda.

Obtaining a tourist visa on arrival in Uganda

The easiest way to obtain a tourist visa is upon arrival at the Entebbe airport or at any border crossing. To obtain your tourist visa, you will need to fill out the visa form and provide $100 US in cash. The tourist visa is good for 90 days. No photos are needed. If you are planning on visiting Rwanda and/or Kenya on your holiday, it makes sense to go for the second visa option and get the East African Visa instead. At present, East African Visas can be purchased on arrival in Uganda. The visa allows entrance into Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya and is also valid for 90 days. Its price is also $100 US, making it a far better deal. Be sure to ask for the East African Visa when purchasing your tourist visa. There have been reports of some authorities trying to push the local visa instead.

Obtaining a tourist visa from your local embassy

If you are able to apply for a tourist visa in person at your local embassy, this is another option for obtaining your visa. You will need to provide two passport photos along with your application. If you are unable to go in person, you can download the form from the embassy website, fill it out, and send in your application. This method is more expensive, though, as there are costs to ship the visa and passport, which run around $40 US plus the cost of the passport photos.

Items you will need to obtain a tourist visa upon entry into Uganda

A valid passport that does not expire for at least six months.
International Health Certificate with proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.
On occasion, proof of return ticket.

Visiting Uganda

Uganda is a top destination for big game safari and primate safaris. It is home to many scenic parks, from big game parks  Murchison Falls in the north and  Queen Elizabeth National Park  in the central regions, to excellent primate parks like  Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park  in the southwest. For those wishing to see mountain gorillas on their safari, Uganda offers the most established tourism infrastructure. Uganda is a popular safari destination, particularly for other African countries, and roughly 50% of Uganda’s tourists come from neighboring Kenya. Uganda’s range of terrain also makes it a great choice for those seeking a more standard safari coupled with a mountain gorilla or chimpanzee viewing. The mighty Nile River also has its orgins in Ugranda.

If you are interesting in visiting Uganda and would like more information on planning a safari, here are a list of tour operators who offer tours and safaris in Uganda.
Source: Your Africa Safari
Price of Uganda tourist visa doubles
Price of Uganda tourist visa doubles