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With more than 500 wineries and a history dating back to 1659, it’s no surprise why wine lovers from all over the world head to South Africa to explore some of the region’s most exquisite vineyards.

From the historic town of Stellenbosch to the ‘culinary capital’ Franschhoek, you’ll find a number of small-batch wineries, established estates and hidden gems offering some of the best varietals to date.

So, which are the best South Africa wineries to visit? While every winery has its own unique charm, some rise above the rest. Grab a glass, fill it up and get ready for a quick tour of The 10 Best Wineries in South Africa.

The 10 Best Wineries in South Africa

1. Raats Family Wine, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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Located in the winemaking capital of Stellenbosch, Bruwer Raats has been focusing on producing some of the best Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc in the region. Not only have their wines coveted 5-star rating in the Platter Guide, but in 2017 they claimed the title of Winery of the Year. With over a decade of experience, this family-run business is making strides in the international wine market and ranks amongst some of the best wineries in South Africa.

2. Stony Brook Vineyards, Franschhoek, South Africa

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From a humble beginning purchasing an old fruit farm, the McNaught family focus was on crafting premium-quality wines that reflected the area surrounding them. Specializing in the production of Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon and Chardonnay this boutique vineyard is nothing short of legendary. While the roles have changed within the family, the quality has remained untouched.

3. Springfield Estate, Robertson, South Africa

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Situated in the Western Cape of Southern Africa, Springfield Estate has been producing a number of exceptional varietals for five generations. Prioritizing a hands-off approach to winemaking, their philosophy is to produce wine as naturally as possible. With cellars dating back to 1902, their back-to-basics approach has put them at the top of many best South Africa wineries lists.

4. Waterford Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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This 120-hectare Stellenbosch estate, with 50 hectares of vineyards, is known for both its Sauvignon Blanc and lively Chardonnay. Since 1998, Kevin Arnold has acted as both Cellar Master and Managing Partner keeping a watchful eye over the production. Offering a new way to explore wineries, the estate offers a Wine Drive Safari and Porcupine Trail Walk showcasing the importance of everything both inside and outside the bottle.

5. Vergelegen Estate, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa

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With a rich history spanning over 300 years, heritage, it comes as no surprise that Vergelegen continues to be a top choice as one of the best wineries in South Africa. From the pristinely kept gardens to the award-winning Camphors Restaurant, Vergelegen guarantees a total sensory experience. With a number of award-winning wines, it’s easy to tell why Vergelegen is so much more than a wine farm.

6. Nederburg Wines, Paarl, South Africa

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Located beneath the Drakenstein Mountains, Nederburg is one of the largest and most prominent wine producers in South Africa. Established in 1791, the varietals are refreshing and richly fruited with bold flavors and structure. With more prizes and accolades than any other winery in the country, Nederburg ranks among the very best wineries in South Africa.

7. Jordan Wine Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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Since 1993, Gary and Kathy Jordan have been producing world-class wines at their prominent estate in South Africa. Not only does it boast dramatic picturesque views of Table Mountain, False Bay, and the Stellenbosch Mountains but boasts a deep grape growing history going back over 330 years. Offering luxury lodging and a world-class restaurant, guests are able to unwind and appreciate fine Cape wines encompassed by breath-taking displays of the vineyards.

8. Glenwood Vineyards, Franschhoek, South Africa

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Situated in the little-known valley of Robertsvlei, the farm and winery are surrounded by aspects of outstanding natural beauty. This hidden gem of Franschhoek is a leading South African wine producer and wine exporter to 12 countries. With a commitment to protecting the environment, Glenwood uses environmentally-friendly farming practices. Earning a high rating by wine judges and receiving numerous awards, Glenwood is easily ranked among the best wineries in South Africa.

9. La Motte Wine Estate, Franschhoek, South Africa

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Located in the picturesque Franschhoek Valley in South Africa’s Cape Winelands, La Motte is distinguished internationally for their exemplary quality for some of South Africa’s premier wines. With a backdrop of the Wemmershoek mountains, the La Motte wine estate has a deep history dating back to the 17th century. Offering both wine-tasting and exceptional cuisine, guests also have the opportunity to venture on a scenic hike around the estate. Lasting roughly 2-3 hours, the hike boasts top-class views of Franschhoek Valley and is full of vibrant wildlife and a wide variety of flora.

10. Vrede en Lust Winery, Simonsberg, South Africa

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Within the foothills of Simonsberg, the family-owned boutique Vrede En Lust is recognized globally for their production of exceptional wines. With the history dating back to 1688, the Buys family are the 17th owner since the vineyard began. Vrede en Lust is able to produce a variety of wines due to three separate vineyards. This includes the classic South African Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc, to the exclusive Vrede en Lust Mocholate Malbec. With the cellar open seven days a week to guests from around the world, Vrede En Lust is truly one of South Africa’s best wineries and a must for the modern-day wine enthusiast.