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One of the great hidden diving gems in the world is the tiny region of Zanzibar. It’s an island located in the Indian Ocean on the Swahili coast that boasts amazing weather, corresponding warm water temperatures, and is filled with exceptional diving sites. No matter what time of year, divers will find themselves falling in love with Zanzibar and the waters around it. Here are the best 5 diving sites in Zanzibar.

Big Wall

We start off with a spot that is only for experienced expert divers. The Big Wall drops 60 meters into the deep. If you dive by the wall you will come across many different types of sea life, such as eels, lobsters, green turtles, pelagic fish, and even sharks. On occasion, you may come across whale sharks and hammerheads as well.

Mnemba Island

island surrounded by water

To the northeast of Zanzibar is the private island resort of Mnemba Island. It is easy to get to from the main island because of its proximity, but you can only visit Mnemba Island if you are a guest of the resort. That doesn’t mean that you can’t dive there, though. There are over 600 species of fish, which is why the area has been dedicated as a marine reserve. This includes the whalefish, which is the biggest type of
fish in the world. Divers have reported also seeing dolphins and nesting green turtles during the appropriate season between February and September.

Pemba Island

man swimming in ocean

Pemba Island is the second-largest island in the Zanzibar Archipelago. It is made up of lush greenery and exceptionally white beaches. To complement the vibrant green and white, the coral reefs in the water provide a wonderful array of vivid colors. This island has many prime sites to dive, all of which have their benefits. These sites include Manta Point, where you will catch the sea life that gives it its name, Fundu, and Mesali Island.

Leven Bank

Leven bank has powerful currents, but also big game fish. In this spot, you might find trevally, barracuda, and kingfish. Other attractions are the monstrous moray eels and reef fish. Tiny sea creatures called nudibranchs also call this bank home. They are noted for their often extraordinary colors and striking forms, and they have been given colorful nicknames to match, such as “clown”, “marigold”, “splendid”, “dancer”, and “dragon”.


Kungui is a favorite place for snorkelers. It is part of the Kizimaki area, which is south of Zanzibar. It is a very popular spot to swim with dolphins as well. The great thing about this diving spot is that it has attractions for divers of any skill or experience level. In the shallows, there is a coral garden about 20 meters down. Past the garden, it drops off, and the experienced divers can take advantage of the deeper
water fish and sea life. You can find octopus, stingrays, and turtles down below.

If you’re a diver, there’s a good chance that you are always on the lookout for new spots to try, and new sights to experience. They can range from your local waters to exotic spots far away. If you are looking for something unique and stunning, then you can’t do much better than visiting Zanzibar. Let our experts help plan the perfect diving trip, contact us today!