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Not every African safari honeymoon is equally romantic, adventurous, or relaxing, and no two safari parks feature the same landscape, wildlife, or lodge experiences. That’s why many couples choose to spend a few nights at a few different camps during their African safari honeymoon. It’s also why it is so important — before you get too far into planning the African safari honeymoon of your dreams — to do a little research about all the ways that different African honeymoon destinations are unique and to decide what your idea of “perfect” will be.

African safari experiences vary wildly between regions, countries, and travel style. So you should start planning your African safari honeymoon by deciding what kind of experience you want to have and making a list of any specific things you want to see. That way, you can make sure you pick the African honeymoon destination (or destinations) that is most likely to fulfill all your (and your partner’s) wishes. And if you’re not sure yet exactly what you want to experience on your African safari honeymoon, keep reading to find out about the most unique elements of each of the best available African safari honeymoon destinations.

Honeymoon In Kenya: The Best African Honeymoon Destination For Adventurous Couples

lion on brown grass field during daytime

Likely the most popular African safari honeymoon destination, Kenya is well-known for its wildness. When you honeymoon in Kenya, you’ll likely spend your time having close encounters with all of Africa’s big cats — including cheetahs, leopards, and the world-renowned Masai lions — as well as Samburu’s famous elephants. Plus, because some of Kenya’s biggest game preserves butt up to the Indian Ocean Coast, you’ll have the opportunity to see a side of this dream African honeymoon destination you never imagined.

During the time you spend on your honeymoon in Kenya, you’re bound to see the biggest and most dazzling signs an African safari honeymoon can offer: big game, big cats, up-close safari adventures, and miles and miles of breathtaking Swahili Coast. Plus, if you’re feeling a little land-locked, no honeymoon in Kenya would be complete without a little deep-sea fishing or scuba diving to gain a whole different kind of (underwater) safari perspective.

Looking For The Best One-Stop African Safari Honeymoon? Plan Your Honeymoon In Tanzania

zebra eating grass

Even if you spend your whole honeymoon in Tanzania, you won’t be bored. This highly recommended African honeymoon destination is home to countless landscapes available for exploration — from savannah grasslands to scrublands, to the volcanic oasis that is Ngorongoro Crater. Plus, some parts of this African honeymoon destination are still largely undeveloped, even for safari camps, so you can truly get a sense of getting away from it all when you choose Tanzania as the site of your African safari honeymoon.

As far as the safari experience itself, there are few African honeymoon destinations that offer more rewarding opportunities than a honeymoon in Tanzania. Some visitors may note that other safari destinations feel a little wilder, yet the wildlife is far more accessible here; the predators are so bold, and the prey is so plenty, that it is easily possible to see all of the Big 5 in a single day.

Plan A Tranquil & Relaxing South African Honeymoon Safari

brown giraffe on green grass field during daytime

A South African safari honeymoon may be the most laid-back way to experience an African safari. Travel writers talk at length of how this popular African honeymoon destination does things a little differently — the South Africa way. This includes keeping safari lodges more open to the animals, as well as self-guided safari opportunities. Hence, their facilities are unfenced, and their accommodations are designed to take advantage of the fact that, here, the safari comes right up to you.

If you’re planning a multi-stop African safari honeymoon, finishing your honeymoon in South Africa may be the perfect ending. Home to the Big Five, you can surely see anything left unseen in other safari destinations, yet if you’re all adventured-out, you can stay inside and still make more memories than you ever imagined.

How Do You Decide Which African Safari Honeymoon Destination Is Best For You?

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Now that you know a little more about the best African honeymoon destinations available and the kind of African safari honeymoon experience you’re likely to have at each one, it’s time to get moving to book your trip. Explore some of our sample itineraries for African safari honeymoons, or contact us to speak with an experienced safari designer, today. Let us be your guides for your whole African safari honeymoon experience.