Top 10 Reasons to Go on Safari | Odyssey Safaris

There are plenty of reasons to go on safari, whether it’s your first time or you are a veteran to safari life you can be rest assured you will walk away with memories for a lifetime.


1. Watching Wildlife

There is nothing that compares to watching the majestic wildlife in their natural wildlife. For me, it has to be the encounters with Elephants crossing your path. It’s an amazing sight and quite the adrenaline rush!


2. Landscapes

Whether it’s exploring the plains in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro or taking to the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, nothing compares to the diversity of what you will encounter during your time in Africa. Each country has its own distinct geographical features that will leave you in awe.


3. Guides and Rangers

What makes a guide truly exceptional is their attention to detail, sense of humor, story-telling ability and total infatuation with the bush and Africa as a whole. Their enthusiasm should be contagious, infecting all within ear-shot, and their deep respect for the animals should be evident in everything they do. These qualities elevate an experience from the enjoyable to the unforgettable. Do our guides do all the above? You bet.


4. The Great Spectacles of Africa

From Victoria Falls to The Great Migration, Africa is full of endless wonders. Don’t forget about UNSECO World Heritage Sites like Stone Town and Ngorongoro Crater. No matter where you choose to visit during your time in Africa, rest assured you won’t leave disappointed.

augrabies-falls (1)

5. Bush Experience

There is something incredible about night game drives and enjoying your time under the African night sky. It is quiet and peaceful, almost surreal. Nothing can compare to a true authentic African safari experience.


6. Luxury Accommodation

Africa is known for offering some of the highest class accommodations in the world. From your own private chef to having your own private island, the possibilities are endless. A personal favorite of me would have to be the underwater room at Manta Resort where you get to sleep with fishes (in the good not mafia way).


7. Cultural Experience

Africa opens the door to a whirlwind of opportunities to experience the local culture. Whether its visiting local Masai Mara villages or partaking in a culinary tour, there is something about this experience that opens your eyes and heart.


8. Broadening Your Mind

Safari life is unlike any other experience you can have while on vacation. It’s truly an immersive experience where you are simply an observer and the magic happens all around of you. Anyone who has been can tell you that once you leave Africa, you are changed forever.


9. Seeing the Best of Eco Tourism

Each year more and more conservation efforts are put into place. With more eco friendly lodges and camps being built every year, Africa is truly being preserved for years to come and future safari generations to come.

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10. The Wow Factor When You Return Home

Be prepared for the shocked look on your friends and families faces when you return from your trip to Africa with all those amazing pictures you took! Where else can you get up close and personal with such majestic creatures in their natural environment?

If you’ve never thought about going on safari, now is your time.