Top 5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Kenya

If you plan to travel to the African continent, there are few places as beautiful, exciting, and accessible as Kenya. This East African country, situated just south of Ethiopia, is home to some of the most exquisite untamed wildlife. Discover the top five most beautiful places to visit in Kenya, and check them out for yourself.

Maasai Mara

As what is likely the most well-known safari park worldwide, Maasai Mara is well worth the trip. The Kenyan safari-land is home to dozens of indigenous species, including the wildebeest, impala, diceros, waterbuck, topi, and mongoose. You could spend weeks exploring the diverse flora and fauna in this expansive savannah, so make sure you give it an adequate chunk of time in your travel schedule. You may even be able to overlap during The Great Migration of wildebeest between July and October.

Mount Kenya

If you’re a climbing adventurist with a thirst for thrill or an avid enjoyer of sprawling mountainous landscapes, then a visit to Mount Kenya must be on your bucket list. As the highest peak in Kenya and the second highest in all of Africa—after the infamous volcano, Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania—Mount Kenya is sure to amaze. Whether you want to summit this natural wonder or enjoy the beauty on leisurely hikes across neighboring mounts, Mount Kenya is an unmissable stop.

Diani Beach

Situated on a pristine coastline, this Kenyan beach scene is home to top-notch resorts and gorgeous white sand beaches. Consistently voted as one of the top five beaches in all of Africa, this Kenyan oasis gives you the best of the Indian Ocean and Kenyan life—all mixed in one.

The Aberdare Range

If you can’t get enough of the mountains, then the Aberdare Range will not disappoint. In the western area of central Kenya, these mountains are well known for hiding rare animal life like the black leopard and eastern bongo. The Aberdares are a popular destination due to their significance to England’s royalty. In the rooms of a hotel in this region, Queen Elizabeth heard of her father’s death, instantaneously transforming her from heir apparent to sitting monarch.

Lamu Island

Do you enjoy history and cultural immersion? Then visit Lamu Island, a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site with roots dating back to the 12th century. The historic port of Lamu Old Town features sunbaked white facades and serpentine unpaved streets, harkening back to traditional Swahili architecture and culture.

Knowing about the top five most beautiful places to visit in Kenya and beholding them with your own eyes are two very different things. Book one of our private Kenya safari tours, and begin your African adventure today.