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There’s no doubt that going on safari is on many travelers bucket lists. For those who are not familiar with the continent, Africa is a distant travel destination filled with adventure, wonder, and mystery. However, many people who are eager to embark on a safari might not even know what they are going to experience. Here is a quick guide to some experiences you can expect on your first safari in Africa.

Vibrant Wildlife

Most travelers know about the common African animals like lions and leopards, but there are so many more to see. You never know what you’ll see on safari, but along with the animals already mentioned, you might see might elephants, hyenas, buffalo, and many more. The animals roam free on many plains that you can visit. Along with those, there are thousands of bird species that you may come across. 

Exotic Birds

The birds you can see on safari are the unsung attractions. Famous bird species like the ostrich could be found, as could lesser-known species such as hornbills and starlings. There are simply too many to list in one article. Undoubtedly Africa’s most striking symbol, and Zambia’s national emblem, the African Fish-Eagle is the ultimate bird to see on safari. The fish-eagle is unmistakable with its white head and breast, chestnut belly and forewings, black under-wings and white tail.


Most people probably think of an African safari and conjure up images of extreme temperatures and discomfort. While it can get hot, the temperatures do vary quite a bit depending on the season and the specific part of Africa that you are in. While it does not get too cold, even in the winter, the temperatures during the day can range from 70 degrees to as hot as 86 degrees in the summer. It’s important when on safari to dress in layers so you can remove or put on garments as the temperature changes, especially in the evening. 

Local Flora

Not only are there spectacular animals that you can spy while on safari, but there is also a wide variety of plants and trees to see. Acacia trees are a highlight, as are baobabs. These are trees that you will not experience anywhere else in the world. You may have seen pictures and videos of the wide expanses of African savannas that are home to the iconic African wild grass. Going on hikes will allow you to truly experience nature up close. 

The Safari Experience

Being on safari means letting the sights, sounds, and experiences dictate what happens and when. Our African adventures are as vast and varied as the continent’s magnificent landscapes, from the classics done right, to out-of-the-way adventures. Our travelers enjoy phenomenal wildlife, fascinating cultural interactions, exclusive camps, and unique itineraries. 

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