What To Expect When Visiting The Seychelles | Odyssey Safaris

The Seychelles is an island-hopping destination. Travellers can explore bigger towns on the main islands (like Mahé, La Digue and Praslin) and experience the French culture of the Seychelles – for a true taste of its cuisine, nightlife, and nature reserves (like Vallée de Mai on Praslin) and markets. Once you’ve had enough of the crowds and cultural activities, you can hop to a private island. It’s here where you can relax and unwind. 

A little bit of geology…

The Seychelles is made up of two main geological types. The central island group (including the main island Mahé) is made from granite – a mountainous centre with flat coastal stretches. Often granite boulders frame the shoreline and its pearly white beaches. Seychelles’ outer islands consist of coral from reefs to atolls and are smaller and flat. Over 50% of the total land area is under nature conservation. Now that’s a world record!


What activities can you do there?

The Seychelles is also great for active travellers who want to do both land-based and water-based sports activities. Activities like rock climbing, hiking and mangrove kayaking is a must-do. The more remote outer islands offer fly fishing as well as deep water game fishing. The Seychelles is a playground for those seeking a slightly more active experience!


What kind of accommodation can you expect?

Resorts in the Seychelles are often built on a hillside or outcrops with views out over the ocean. The lodges and villas are surrounded by lush tropical forest; and the epitome of barefoot luxury. These luxurious accommodations often feature 3 to 4 bedrooms with private pools to beautiful one-bedroom villas with sunken baths and infinity pools.


A cherry on the cake…

The Seychelles is famous for its great 24-hour butler services. The butler service makes sure that you have everything you need – be it a midnight snack to an emergency hot milk and honey for the kids. You can expect it to be a top notch, personalized service. The Seychellois people are laid back, typically island style, yet it has a charm of their own. Passionate about their country, Seychelles’ locals have no problem persuading visitors that their country is the best!


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