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What to know if you’re visiting Rwanda and Tanzania on the same safari

A few years ago, the governments of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda joined forces and became part of one tourism visa called the East Africa Tourist Visa. The visa, which presently costs $100 US, allows multiple entries to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda over a period of 90 days. It’s important to check the entry requirements for the country you’ll first be using the visa in, as each country has its own rules. Rwanda, for example, requires all visitors to request their visa online prior to arrival and to bring with them the approval letter that is issued from the Rwandan government. If you do not have this letter with you, you will encounter difficulties at immigration.

Traveling to Tanzania on the East Africa Tourist Visa

We’ve been receiving updates from various organizations that some people are encountering issues when attempting to enter Rwanda on their East African Tourist Visa from Tanzania. The following is from Coast Aviation in Tanzania.

The Rwandese seem to interpret the multiple entry as that you may cross the borders between Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya…but that as soon as you leave these countries (i.e. to Tanzania) then the visa is deemed to have expired and a second visa is then required.

To be on the safe side, we recommend you plan the Tanzania portion of your journey either at the beginning or the end of your safari to help avoid any visa issues. At present, YAS has not heard of similar issues in Kenya or Uganda.
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