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‘Safari Blue’, a name that for those who have experienced it, brings back fond memories of breathtaking crystal blue waters and unforgettable adventures. Founded back in 1996 by Eleanor Griplas, a well known contributor to various social projects in Zanzibar, Safari Blue has been successful in providing thousands of tourists around the world with a delightful, memorable experience on the water.

Over the 23 years it has operated, it has brought travelers to a number of remote locations offering unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. The spirited reviews found on TripAdvisor are well-described and detailed, displaying clearly how much Safari Blue is loved by existing and new guests.

But what exactly does Safari Blue offer that makes it such a sought after adventure? Below you’ll find some of my favorite highlights of life at sea with the lively Safari Blue crew that attracts guests from every corner of the world.

The Mangrove Lagoon

The dhow, a traditionally crafted boat from African mahogany, sails you through either of the two entrances into a private oasis surrounded by mangrove. Surrounded by an awareness of serenity, guests can enjoy the naturally formed swimming pool or simply relax the day away without a worry in the world.

Dolphin Sighting 

Dolphins are friendly creatures loved by animal and nature enthusiasts all around the world; most face to face interactions with these beautiful water animals are done behind a glass screen at aquariums. On the other hand, what could be better than sighting dolphins in their natural habitat? 90% of the time, many dolphins-bottle nose and humpback-are sighted on Blue Safari’s trips through the Menai Bay Sanctuary.  Truly an unforgettable sight to be seen, but don’t forget to bring your camera!


After seeing a few hours of the morning sun, the lively crew takes guests to a sandbank that is preserved entirely in its natural beauty; flawless and unspoiled. Here you can swim or just float around in the shallow waters, soaking in the rays from the tropical, shining sun.


Zanzibar has some of the best snorkeling spots for swimmers and marine life explorers; it is an ideal option for snorkeling all year due to its favorable climatic conditions and is known to have more than 350 species of fish in its waters. The highly experienced crew guides visitors through crystal clear waters towards the best spots in the mornings over two of the most happening snorkeling reefs in the area.

Private Charters

Safari Blue also offers tailor-made private charter trips which are one of their most sought after trips. The one-day excursion is entirely personalized and suitable for everyone – couples, newly-weds, families or even as small group of friends. Relax the day away while the Safari Blue crew creates the perfect private experience exploring some of Zanzibar’s hidden treasures.

Delicious Cuisine

The feast served while on Safari Blue can be only described as legendary. Prepared with freshly cooked and grilled seafood, these dishes are complemented with local sauces from the main island. After guests have had their fill, more than ten different varieties of fruits are offered to enjoy as a sweet dessert along with freshly brewed coffee and Amarula (a delicious cream liqueur from South Africa).

Exploring Kwale Island

Guests exploring Kwale Island can’t help but feel like they are in an adventure book. Traditional boababs trees can be climbed to get a top view of the crystal clear waters and the island. Walk along the beach, view coral formations, and even discover hermit crabs scurrying about.

Dhow Sail

Finally, the adventure is ended with an incredibly relaxing sail back to the land in the traditional dhows crafted by Zanzibar artisans. Take in the final views of life at sea and watch the sun meet the horizon, displaying the best welcome home you could possibly receive.

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