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Whether they be first time travelers or veteran travelers, all safari adventurers have a checklist of what makes an ideal safari experience. Such a list would might start with a unique geologic setting and would also include an opportunity to mingle with local tribes-people, a picturesque lodge and, of course, the widest possible variety of animal species in Africa.  They would find that Ngorongoro Crater checks all the boxes.

A “Unique Geologic Setting” – The Olduvai Gorge

lake around mountains

The Ngorongoro Crater is an extinct volcanic caldera (‘Cauldron” in Spanish), a large bowl shaped formation that extends from a 16 km wide grassy lowland up through tree lined lava hillsides to volcanic hills 7,200 km above the valley floor. Enter the nearby Olduvai Gorge and walk back in time, literally tracing fossilized footprints that go back 3.6 million years.   Often called “The Cradle of Mankind”, the Olduvai Gorge rich fossil trove has provided paleontologists with the most continuous record of human evolution.

An “Opportunity to Mingle with Local Tribespeople”- Meet the Maasai


The Ngorongoro Crater conservation area is covered with rolling grasslands, dotted with soda lakes (salt water) where you are likely to find wading flamingos and a variety of water life. The grassland are a natural grazing land for the cattle, goats and sheep of the Maasai tribe living there.  You can visit their village and talk to them about their customs and traditions- with the opportunity to purchase handmade mementos to commemorate your visit!

A “Picturesque Lodge”- The Sopa Ngorongoro Hotel

Located along the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater and looking out over the sprawling grassland, the Sopa provides a beautiful vantage point  for the spectacular Tanzanian sunsets. The Lamala Hill restaurant is a glass-walled culinary delight- combing great food for all palates and panoramic views of the Crater. A wonderful haven after a busy day of African adventures.

Of course, “The Widest Possible Variety of Animal Species”

Elephants, cape buffalo, leopards, and cheetahs wander the grasslands of Ngorongoro Crater in the company of large herds of zebras, gazelles, elands, and wildebeests. You will find the largest concentration of lions in Africa as well as many endangered species, including the Black Rhino. Have a love for birds? There are over 400 species of birds throughout the valley and along Lake Magadi, as soda lake home to a large population of flamingos.

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