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Best International Travel Adapter and Voltage Converter


IMPROVE YOUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCE with your new 200W travel adapter and power converter from Jetway! This compact, lightweight and all-in-one power adapter will convert 240V – 220V power from all around the world for safe use with standard 120V electronics; and with 3 plugs and 4 USB ports, you can power up as many as 7 devices at once in nearly any country – Europe, China, Brazil, India, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia and every other one.



  • 100% SATISFACTION & MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on all Jetway products. We love our customers. Whatever happens, we do everything we can to address any issues with your product or customer experience when you contact us.
  • QUIET MODE WITH ADAPTIVE COOLING FAN will remain off at low internal temperatures, allowing for NOISE-FREE operation. When powering larger devices, the cooling fan will turn on only when internal temperatures exceed 113F.
  • POWER YOUR TRAVEL by charging up to 7 devices at once with 4 x 2.1A USB ports and 3 AC plugs using your compact, all-in-one travel adapter and power converter. Your converter can handle an amazing amount of power, up to 200 Watts. Charge iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Motorola, tablet, computer, camera, etc.
  • TRAVEL WHERE YOU WANT with interchangeable plug adapters for Europe, Italy, France, United Kingdom, China, India, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Africa, Asia and 150+ more countries using this portable voltage converter. Convert 240V – 220V power to 110V – 120V power, in nearly any location
  • CONVENIENT. COMPACT & SAVES SPACE. The only travel adapter and voltage converter you will need. Most hotel rooms only have 1 or 2 outlets, so if you have multiple travelers, you only need one adapter and converter. PROTECT YOUR ELECTRONICS with 3-stage protection. Your converter will auto shutdown for surge protection, over-heating or short circuiting. USB outputs are completely isolated from the AC power to keep your USB devices safe


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