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Safari planning is not a straight forward endeavor due the myriad sources of information. Often these sources are conflicting, and with a wide variety of prices it is difficult to compare tour options. We have tried to simplify this process by creating a travel planner to provide the most accurate information, clearly stating our tour prices (what we include and what we don’t) so that consumers can clearly see the value of our travel products.


What’s In the planner?

Safari planning doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Over the years we have accumulated highly sought out information to help our customers get the most out of their trip. Whether it’s deciding where and when to go or just learning more about Africa, our travel planner has it all.

Not sure where to go? Our in depth guide makes it easy to find the perfect country for the trip of a lifetime. It’s never been this easy.

Information overload? Not here. We’ve gathered the best from personal and guest experience alike to get the most out of your safari.

International travel can seem overwhelming, luckily this guide has everything you need to get your from your door to the plane.

About Odyssey Safaris

An African safari is a deeply rewarding experience that some have even described as spiritual; to walk this land, see these animals, climb these mountains, brings one closer to nature and indeed an innate primeval cord deep within all of us. The beaches, mountains, and savannas of Africa are a connection for humans to an earlier time when man and beast shared the land. It is this complex experience of emotions that draws people from around the world to climb the mountains of Kenya and Tanzania, stare into the face of lions, and dive with white sharks off South Africa.

Odyssey Safaris is committed to bringing its customers the same appreciation and enjoyment of African people, culture, wildlife, and the environment that its founders enjoyed and that ultimately spawned the energy for the creation of the company. The employees of Odyssey Safaris will work tirelessly to ensure that your tour is enjoyable, affordable, and safe, while maintaining respect for the native peoples and the wildlife we encounter; we are deeply committed to maintaining the natural environment in which we all live.

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