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Safari Pricing Explained

How Much Does an African Safari Cost?

Our team works hard to design the best possible safari for you to make the most of your time in Africa. Generally speaking, there are six factors that make up the price of your safari or tour that we will break down for you. Keep in mind there are additional aspects outisde of these (quality of guides) but this should give you a general overview and insight to how things are priced in the African Safari industry.


Similar to any other vacation you take, your accommodation is going to take up a good bit of your budget. Lower end camps usually start at around $250 while the higher end exclusive camps can be as much as $2000 plus per person sharing a night which doesn’t include transfers.

This cost usually includes your meals and selected activities depending on the camp. It’s important to remember what’s included and excluded, as these small extras can make a big difference in deciding what’s the best value for your money.

Length Of Travel

Being pretty self-explanatory, the more days you spend in Africa the more expensive your overall trip cost will be. Keep in mind that even shortening a trip by a couple of days can occasionally cust costs by hundreds of dollars.

Staying at camps for longer periods of time will also help offset costs with transfers and bush flights. Our team excels at finding the best logistics for your itinerary in order to make the most of your time in each park while keeping the costs down.


When looking when to travel to Africa, it is important to keep in mind that the seasons play a large part in pricing. Peak season rates can almost be double that of the low season due to limited space but overall the game viewing is at its best.

If you have flexibility in your travel plans, you can still have a great safari experience in the low or “green” season. Not only will you find more attractive pricing, but the areas will be less crowded and camps often have more availability.

Number Of Travelers

Simply said, the more the merrier. While we offer outstanding value for both single travelers and couples, larger groups get more bang for their buck. If you are planning a safari, we always recommend sending along your itinerary to friends and family who might be interested in joining you. Not only will the overall cost of your trip decrease, but often we are able to provide free travel for those that bring groups of over ten people.

Scheduled Or Tailored Safari?

Our travelers usually have a significant amount of experience under their belt and enjoy both small group travel and venturing out on their own. Scheduled safaris are usually no more than 16 guests, depending on the itinerary and are suited for those that are more budget-conscious and want to share their experience with like-minded travelers.

For those that are seeking more exclusivity, tailor-made safaris offer more flexibility and can be designed based on your personal preferences. You will work with a safari expert that will take everything on your list of “must-haves” and bring it to life with an exciting itinerary that makes the most out of your time in Africa.

By Road Or Air?

While each offers its own unique view of wildlife and landscapes, it really comes down to personal preference. For those that don’t want to spend long hours traveling from camp to camp, flying reduces travel time and offers wonderful views of the plains from above but does come at an added cost.

If you are fine with staying on the road, you will get an inside glimpse of the countryside as well as local villages. For some travelers, this is the only way to go for the authentic safari experience.