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Walking Safari in Africa


From gorilla trekking to multi-night fly camping, a walking safari in Africa allows you to discover this incredible continent a whole new way that can’t be done from the comfort of a safari vehicle. Imagine being accompanied by local Maasai warriors as you dive deep into the Masai Mara or observing huge lion prides and traversing dramatic landscapes of Ruaha National Park while in Tanzania. Offering an authentic and unique perspective on both the local flora and fauna, our walking safari tours allow you to experience how expert guides track big game out in the bush.

Whether it’s a simple day activity at your camp or a multi-day hiking safari expedition, this type of adventure allows you to truly be immersed in the African wild. No matter what direction you choose, a walking safari allows you get off the beaten path and have an authentic experience you won’t find anywhere else. Browse through some of our example walking safaris in Africa below, and contact one of our experts today to start planning the journey of a lifetime.