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Botswana Safari Tours

Other countries might have invented the safari, but Botswana has perfected it. The combination of epic wildlife populations in the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park, with the world’s largest network of salt pans in Makgadikgadi Pans and the desert-specialist animals of the Kalahari, makes for endless Botswana safari tours.

On our private Botswana safari tours, you’ll encounter the largest elephant herds on the continent and track big cats and wild dogs through diverse wetlands. Due to its exclusive-use reserves, travelers get to experience some of Africa’s most sought-after sightings from leopards to lions that prey on buffalo and hippo in epic battles. With so much to do and see it’s easy to see why Botswana is a popular destination to watch Africa’s big game in pristine, beautiful landscapes.

Conclude your day around a sun-kissed fire, gazing as the sun falls below the horizon, illuminating the sky above. With a refreshing drink in hand, continue to be in awe as the night sky welcomes its first stars flickering across the velvety-black backdrop. We plan every step of your trip, with hand-picked accommodation, expert local guides, and exclusive experiences to suit your travel style and interests.

Best Botswana Safari Tours

These sample Botswana safari itineraries were created by our team and are meant to inspire your next trip. They are ready to be customized to suit your interests, tastes and budget. As we provide our trips on a private basis, this allows you to experience authentic travel on your own terms and depart whenever you choose.

Best Time To Visit Botswana

When it comes to visiting Botswana, wildlife viewing is good year-round but can depend on which park you plan on visiting. If you are looking to travel to experience the Okavango Delta, Moremi, and Chobe we’d recommend visiting from May to September during the dry season where the temperatures are more moderate. If you plan on visiting the other national parks and reserves, the best time for Botswana safari tours is during the wet season (November to April) when fresh grasses attract wildlife and with the exception of January and February, rains seldom interfere with your trip.

Dry Season (May to September)

During this time period you have the best opportunities for wildlife viewing as the bush has thinned out and animals begin to congregate around permanent water sources. While there may always be some water present in the Okavango Delta, channels become quite narrow bur remain lush and green.

Wet Season (November to April)

Although these months are the typical wet season period, the fluctuation of when and how much rain is present is constantly in a state of flux. This period attracts a number of different species of birds and also many grazing wildlife give birth at this time due to the lush landscape and abundance of food.

Best Botswana Safari Destinations

Botswana is home to a number of superb National Parks & Game Reserves including Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, and Nxai Pan National Park. With high concentrations of wildlife and diversity of scenic landscapes, it’s easy to see why Botswana ranks high up on the list for being one of the best safari destinations in Africa. A significant amount of its land has been set aside for wildlife conservation, with 17% of land set aside for National Parks and Reserves and another 22% used for Wildlife Management Areas, offering a vast swath of land to explore on Botswana safari tours.

Wildlife In Botswana

When it comes to a diverse healthy wildlife population, Botswana offers a majority of the popular safari animals with the exception of rhino, which have recently been reintroduced. Here you will find a great number of elephants governing the river banks, especially in Chobe National Park which is known to be the home of the African elephant. Popular sightings include the Cape Buffalo often seen in small groups as well as hippos that traverse a majority of the major water systems in Botswana. For those that are lucky, you might have the opportunity to spot tree-climbing leopards as well as the endangered African wild dog.

Weather In Botswana

Botswana is known for its subtropical desert climate which has fluctuating day and night temperatures but overall still low humidity. For six months out of the year, it receives little rainfall with the wettest months being December to March. During the winter, there is little to almost no rain while still maintaining low humidity. As the water sources dry up, you will find a greater concentration of animals around the various water holes and rivers. It’s important to remember that mornings can get as cold as 42°F in the morning while daytime temperatures can reach 93°F in the afternoon depending on your location.

Dry Season (May to September)

 During the dry winter months of April through early September, the days are warm, but the nights and early mornings can be very cold. The temperatures are relatively cool, typically 50°F in the morning and 80°F in the afternoon.

Wet Season (November to April)

From late September onwards it can get very hot with day temperatures often exceeding 95°F and humidity increasing until the onset of the rains in November when temperatures drop off a little. December to March can be very hot and at times, humid.