There’s no doubt that going on safari is on many travelers bucket lists. For those who are not familiar with the continent, Africa is a distant travel destination filled with adventure, wonder, and mystery. However, many people who are eager to embark on a safari might not even know what they are going to experience. Here is a quick guide to some experiences you can expect on your first safari in Africa.

Whether they be first time travelers or veteran travelers, all safari adventurers have a checklist of what makes an ideal safari experience. Such a list would might start with a unique geologic setting and would also include an opportunity to mingle with local tribes-people, a picturesque lodge and, of course, the widest possible variety of animal species in Africa.  They would find that Ngorongoro Crater checks all the boxes.

When looking for an adventure, what could be better than to head to a place that has mystery, culture, geography, and wildlife like no other place on earth? You’ve probably heard of Kenya, but it is a destination that is frequently under-visited, despite all of the travel treasures it holds. If you are looking for a unique and exhilarating destination for your next adventure, then here are the top 5 reasons to visit Kenya now.

One of the great hidden diving gems in the world is the tiny region of Zanzibar. It’s an island located in the Indian Ocean on the Swahili coast that boasts amazing weather, corresponding warm water temperatures, and is filled with exceptional diving sites. No matter what time of year, divers will find themselves falling in love with Zanzibar and the waters around it. Here are the best 5 diving sites in Zanzibar.

When it comes to experiencing and discovering African wildlife, East Africa is often the most sought after destination. With a diverse range of national parks and game reserves, adventures here are teeming with wild animals and phenomenal landscapes. 

What kind of animals will you see on an African safari? While there are a diverse range of wildlife that can be encountered, over the years we’ve found favorites among both ourselves and our guests. Here are our top ten animals you’ll want to see while on safari.

When planning your South African safari, consider the delightful rewards of time spent in the vibrant city of Capetown. Nestled on the southern most shores of Africa where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, Capetown’s rich multi-cultural neighborhoods, rugged mountains and scenic white sand beaches are a must-see. Here’s our choice of some of the incredible experiences to be had in beautiful Capetown.

At the end of hot, dry day on safari, African travelers pause to observe the delightful safari tradition of the Sundowner – the capping of a day’s adventures by enjoying a cold drink of choice (gin and tonic is the custom) and toasting the setting sun. Sunsets in Africa vary from a single orange red ball sinking majestically on the horizon to multi-color burst of pinks, yellows, blues and reds reflected by evening haze, distant mountains and vast savannas outside your door.  Every night, they provide the perfect backdrop for Africa’s unique version of cocktail hour.

In addition to the classic gin and tonic, the best safari lodges offer a choice of chilled South African white wines, cold African beer, and other mixed and soft drinks – something for everyone. Here are five lodges that are devoted to making your sunsets as memorable as your safaris.

Africa has always been a land of mystery, adventure, and romance. The continent is quite unlike any other tourist destination, with vast stretches of completely unspoiled landscapes and a diverse collection of wildlife waiting to be discovered.

With unforgettable experiences and picture perfect backdrops, these are some of the best romantic African experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

‘Safari Blue’, a name that for those who have experienced it, brings back fond memories of breathtaking crystal blue waters and unforgettable adventures. Founded back in 1996 by Eleanor Griplas, a well known contributor to various social projects in Zanzibar, Safari Blue has been successful in providing thousands of tourists around the world with a delightful, memorable experience on the water.

With many tourist destinations around the world, Kenya is one of the countries in the African continent with various aesthetically pleasing tourist attractions. The country has a variety of tropical beaches, plentiful wildlife creatures and strikingly beautiful views. Being home to safari’s origin, Kenya is blessed with a wonderful variety of game reserves, wildlife, spectacular scenery and lodge options. This list features a selection of my favorite accommodations in diverse locations and with a variety of styles.